I have always had a green thumb.. I take a special delight in the natural world around me.  Originally from Reno, NV, my husband Paul and I have been extraordinarily fortunate to discover the beautiful Pacific Northwest from our home base in West Seattle.  We wanted to be somewhere green and someplace with lots of walking room for us and our dogs - Our move to Seattle 15 years ago has proved one of our best decisions.  Another one was creating Flower Lab.   

In 2011, after working for over 20 years in the florist industry, I made the exciting decision to purchase a flower shop.  With a quirky brain and a passion for creating new and innovative designs, I've been so fortunate to have the opportunity to explore my craft in new ways alongside employees who are more like family.  I always wanted Flower Lab to be a business that empowered its personnel to be creative and expansive in the way that they think about design, and I can honestly say it has become precisely that.

On our happy corner in the historic Admiral District of West Seattle, Flower Lab is providing thoughtful and compassionate service to anyone who has flowers on the mind!