Lux Lotion Candles


Lux Lotion Candles


These candles will blow your mind!

Handmade, local to Washington State and the first in their kind - Lux Lotion Candles are created from natural oils and butters (aka 100% chemical free). They burn 40-60 hours and they burn at only 2 degrees higher than a humans body temperature, making them perfect for emollient use as a creamy, hydrating lotion! Yes, that’s right, it’s no joke. SImply dip your finger into the melted wax and rub into your skin for a non-greasy, beautifully fragrance, high quality, lotion.

You need to try this!

Lotion Fragrances Available:

*please indicate preference in the “specifications” field of the order

  • Lavender

  • Cucumber Mint

  • Coconut Lime

  • Vino Blanco - smells like a sweet vignette white wine

  • House of Lux - smells masculine and musky

  • Peppermint Eucalyptus

  • Mediterranean Fig

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